Thursday 25th March 2021

PRESENT: A Kirk (AK), A Buttress (AB), G Dyer (GD), C Miller (CM), D Stott (DS), J Bracher (JB), Councillor Bill Lobban, H Deery (HD), A McNeilage (AM)

IN ATTENDANCE: F Law, M Paschke, G Gerrard, M Moe, I Inglis, M O’Reilly, M Brown, A Trolese, Karen Stewart, Carol Ritchie, Lara Campbell, Jeremy Roberts, Bruce Murray, Fiona Angelle



The minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 25th February 2021 were agreed as accurate by AB/GD.


AK apologised to all for any offence a comment or turn of phrase may have caused during the meeting of 25th February, and to the two residents who had emailed complaints.

DS stated,

  • CvCC take their responsibility seriously and are committed to doing our best and to work within the general rules set out by the HCCCS and code of conduct.

With regard declarations of interest,

  • CVCC has sought Highland Council guidance.
  • Highland Council confirm CVCC has acted appropriately.
CNPACairngorm National Park Authority
CvCCCarrbridge and Vicinity Community Council
HCCCSHighland Council Community Councils Scheme
NMUNon-Motorized Users


The decision on any declarations lies with the individual Community Councillors.

  • None declared.


  • CM reported funds are £3588.88 as of 15 March 2021 with no spend versus last meetings update.
  • AK has received invoice for the Carrbridge Christmas lights at £834.44.

  • Councillor Bill Lobban updated that he continues to pursue the matter with Highland Council.
NON-MOTORISED USERS (NMU) cyclists and walkers’ route off-road  

  • GD updated that Trans Scotland had confirmed, to him, on 09th March 2021 confirming the ‘wish list’ is received. And understands Transport Scotland are now in process of seeking approvals to proceed with required land approvals and purchases.
GRIT BIN REQUEST (inc. Ellanwood Road)

  • AK confirmed there is an existing grit bin in Ellanwood Road.
  • AK confirmed Highland Council will not be providing a second bin for Ellanwood Road.
  • ACTION: AK will ask Robert McInnes will inform the requesting residents.
  • HD queried whether any of the requested bins will be supplied.
  • AK confirmed that the current response from Highland Council is, no they will not be supplied.

  • AK presented there is a Path funding opportunity from Nature Scot for Improving Public Access by providing grants to update core paths, and applications are invited by 30 June 2021.
  • AK identified a couple of areas on local core path network he feels need update.
  • AK identified concern that managing the works is beyond the capacity of CVCC and requires a dedicated Project Manager. With regard this concern AK has approached Outdoor Access for support/advice and awaits response.
    • M.Paschke shared she had a previous experience engaging ‘Trust for conservation’ support to project manage similar efforts. M.Paschke will share further details with AK.
  • I.Inglis identified that the Carrbridge Capercaillie Group have been awarded funding to improve paths around village and suggests working together.
  • AK identified additional concern whether the CVCC bank account can be used to receive grant monies. With regard this concern AK suggests CVCC seek Highland Council advice.

Mairi Brown lead a solution focused discussion.

  • An active discussion with attendees considered: A strategy comprising Long and Short-term measures, Impact of COVID restrictions, current initiatives bias towards young children over teenagers, root causes, prior experience of similar issues and proposals.
  • Solutions proposed:
    • Short term strategy – Provide support gesture to age 11+ youths in form of a subsidized MTB course (with ‘Off The Grid’).
      • Subsidy for 16 youths (8 in 11+ age group, and 8 in 14+ age group) at total ~£432.
    • Long term strategy – Establish a Youth Club
      • Discussion considered possible funding solutions and possibility of youth leadership in development and ongoing management.
      • Ali Trolese welcomed the suggestion of a Youth Club (and suggested an All-Weather Football Pitch).
      • Councillor Bill Lobban identified the Ward Discretionary Fund as a relevant resource for funding support.
  • AK proposed the ~£432 for the MTB subsidies could be met from the David Ritchie Jigsaw proceeds of £268.61 and ~£163 balance from the CVCC.
    • This motion was put to a vote and agreed by GD, AB, HD, JB and DS.
    • ACTION – Mairi Brown and CM to arrange transfer of funds.

CM raised concern the discussion was not aligned to the agenda title ‘Anti-Social Behaviour’.

  • AK considered with hindsight title should have appended “solutions”.
CLIMATE CHANGE (Sustainable living)

Gavin Gerrard updated for awareness:

  • Carrbridge Climate Change Facebook Group set up by Rebecca Badger.
  • Carrbridge free swap site, aim to find re-use – Karen Henderson.
  • OLIO group making food going out of date available for free – Donna Murray.
  • Plant Drochaid ChÀrr group supporting local people in gardening.
  • Carrbridge nature promoting biodiversity and outdoor usage.
  • Capercaillie project promote biodiversity and in doing so are looking to strengthen the local path network.

Future activities

  • Youth Art Comp (link to COP26)
  • Scottish Canvas part of Earth Hour
  • Climate Change project Manager being recruited by Highland Council.
SPEEDING & ROAD SIGNS 3,2,1 30 mph signs and refreshing of road markings.

DS updated:

  • RESULT: 3,2,1 signage now established on road into village.
  • Action to refresh road markings is still pending.
  • Action to install flashing speed signs still pending.

Councillor Bill Lobban updated the Highland Council legal department had suggested a full (permanent) traffic order be considered.

    • Bill advises this would likely significantly increase the timeline to instate a 20mph limit.
    • Bill recommends, continue with the current approach of temporary order, and apply for full order once temporary measures are in place.
      • AB, DS, AK, GD, align with this recommendation.
      • JB needs more time to review and will confirm with Councillor Bill Lobban.
  • James Bracher
    • Noted that the 20s Plenty scheme is also about carbon reduction and sustainable living, as well as road safety updated,
    • Evaluating opportunities for ‘Bike to School Week’

  • Councillor Bill Lobban took no part in this section.

DS updated on:

  • Smithy Croft House application
    • No decision has been made.
    • The time limit for determination of the application was extended to 31st March. However, decision may go to the Planning South Committee meeting on 27th April 2021.
  • Carr Road housing
    • CNPA confirmed no further progress to date on purifying the pre-conditions.


  • RESULT: AK updated 85 Easter Eggs were purchased from the Spar for the school children. The expense was paid from proceeds from the David Ritchie Jigsaws.
  • With respect the recurring issue of overflowing bins in the car park, GD asks Councillor Bill Lobban whether the council would empty additional green highland council bins, if supplied and positioned in car park by Carrbridge resident.
    • ACTION: Councillor Bill Lobban will confirm.
    • ACTION: AK agrees this approach should be actioned.
    • DS queries whether Highland Council could provide a bigger bin.
    • Councillor Bill Lobban will follow up with Highland Council.
  • CM updates for awareness that Food Unwrapped on Channel 4 at 8pm on 5th April will include a section with the previous World Porridge Championship winner.
  • JB asked if the ‘covered’ flashing 20mph signs at the school were now operational.
    • AK – unsure but would find out.
  • DS recognized efforts of the Dalmore and Dalbeg road residents who have cut back roadside vegetation and tidied wooded area and pathway between Dalbeg Road and the Hotel.
  • Councillor Bill Lobban reminds the Ward Discretionary Fund opens on 6th April 2021.


  • Bruce Murray: Asked about road narrowing being introduced as speed control.
    • It was confirmed this is part of the traffic calming measures being considered.


Thursday 27th May 2021 at 1930hrs. (Subsequently amended to Wednesday 26th May 2021)