Carrbridge Children & Young Peoples Recovery Fund

Table of contents

  1. Background
  2. Objective
  3. Method
  4. Eligibility of applicant
  5. Eligibility of activities
  6. Intervention rates
  7. Governance
  8. Application Process
  9. Annual Reporting


Carrbridge has a strong community spirit working to sustain the village and its future. Developing the skills and confidence of its young people so enhancing the potential and future of the village is viewed as a priority by Carr-Bridge Ahead and Carrbridge and Vicinity Community Council.
Children and young people’s personal and social development has been significantly impacted by the restrictions introduced to contain the Covid 19 pandemic during 2020/21 and meeting with friends and peers has been largely constrained. In addition the impact of home-schooling requirements and the uncertainty caused by of the cancellation of national exams has caused uncertainty in their future. The recovery fund is intended to assist those aged 8-18 engage in a variety of social, cultural and sporting activities with friends and peers.

Carrbridge is in an enviable position of having two successful events that combined, contribute significantly to village funds. The events are run and managed by Carr-Bridge Ahead Ltd (CBA) a charitable organisation registered with OSCR.
In addition we benefit from annual community benefit fund payments from Tom Nan Clach wind farm.


To enhance the personal development, skills, employability and confidence of young people within the Carrbridge Vicinity Community Council (CVCC) area by the means of distribution of monies raised through the charitable activities of Carr-Bridge Ahead Ltd and provided by the Tom Nan Clach wind farm.


A fund is established attracting applications from individuals and families of children and young people aged 8 – 18 living within the boundary of CVCC. Such applications will be considered and assessed by an Awards Panel.

Eligibility of applicant

  • An individual/family currently living in the CVCC area;
  • Aged normally between 8-18 years;
  • More than one application may be lodged in one calendar year;
  • A group or organisation working with children and young people.

Eligibility of activities

The following outline the type of activities that the Awards Panel wish to support. The list is not exhaustive.

  • Outings and excursions with children and young people from more than one family;
  • Fees for courses directed towards personal advancement, training, skills or opportunities: E.g. Residential golf courses, Duke of Edinburgh Awards, Raleigh International, John Muir Trust Award, mountain skills training at Glenmore Lodge, sports coaching awards etc.
  • Coursework for learning such as; computing, tutoring, guidance.
  • Purchases of equipment, books or essential learning tools required to complete the relevant studies.
  • Travel and accommodation to attend courses or residential programmes.
  • Monies spent or commitments made prior to placing an application will not be eligible.
  • The Grant will not replace previous funding sources. (eg public sector funding cuts)
  • Provision of training services must be carried out by a Governing Body or registered and affiliated training provider.
  • All activities must normally be completed within 12 months of the approval of application.
  • Where we invest in a young person’s skills and development early, applications will be considered for recurring events and training courses.
  • Support for these will normally be on a biannual basis.

Intervention rates

  • Awards are made on matched funding basis so applicants should raise other monies.
  • Grants of up to a maximum of 75% of total costs may be awarded.
  • Awards will not normally exceed £500.
  • Applicants matched funding may be personal or funds secured form other grant making bodies.
  • Applicants must clearly state the status of any matched funding awards.


The Carrbridge Children & Young Peoples Recovery Fund annual budget will be set by the Board of Carr-Bridge Ahead. The amount within the fund will be set at the beginning of each financial year; April–March.

  • The Annual Budget amount will be managed by an Awards Panel reporting directly to Carr-Bridge Ahead Ltd.
  • The funds will be available on a first come basis.
  • The Board of Carr-Bridge Ahead reserve the right to ‘top up’ the Annual Budget and re-open the scheme mid-year if there has been successful run of strong applications within one financial year.
  • Make up of awards panel will be at the discretion of CA but likely to include:
    • A minimum of one director from Carrbridge Ahead
    • A minimum of one CVCC Councillor
    • One Independent non-CBA or CVCC person who may or may not live in the CVCC area.
    • The Panel may ask two young people (under the age of 25)
      • The chair of the awards panel will be decided by the members of the panel and is expected to serve for a two-year period.
      • Awards Panel Members are also expected to serve a minimum of two years.
  • The Panel may call on outside parties to help assess an application.
  • Grants will be reviewed and approved by the Awards Panel.
  • The award is made on behalf of Carr-Bridge Ahead Ltd whose decision is final on all matters.
  • The Awards Panel and members of Carr-Bridge Ahead accept no liability for cancellation of training courses nor for any subsequent claim made by the applicant on any dispute relating to the intended activities.

Application Process

Application form downloads:

C&YP Recovery Fund (DOCX/Word, 23kB)
C&YP Recovery Fund (PDF, 60kB)

Application guidance:

  • Application forms must be completed and submitted in electronic format to [email protected]
  • Applications can be made at any time of the year.
  • The application will be circulated to the Awards Panel and every effort will be made to confirm a decision back to the application within 21 days of receipt.
  • The decision of the Awards Panel is final and may, when considering applications, request further information from the applicant.
  • Applications should be supported with quotations from a minimum if two sources. If this is not possible full reasons must be provided to the satisfaction of the Awards Panel.
  • If successful, an award letter will be issued outlining the terms of the award. Successful applicants will be asked to provide bank details to facilitate an electronic transfer of funds.
  • If unsuccessful a letter will be issued advising the applicant as to the reasons for rejection along with any supporting comments.
  • The timing of payment of a grant will be determined by the nature of the application and at the discretion of the awards panel. If required, the Awards Panel may pay in advance of need or make payment on receipt of supplier invoices
  • Upon completion of any activities attracting a grant a full Grant Report form will be required confirming all eligible and approved expenditures made by the applicant.
  • The Awards Panel reserve the right to reconsider the awarding of monies if the Grant Report Form is not forthcoming or there are discrepancies in the activities undertaken compared to the original application. In extreme cases the Awards Panel may request repayment of any monies awarded.

Annual Reporting

  • The Awards Panel chair will report to CA, CVCC and Tom Nan Clach windfarm on an annual basis a summary of grants awarded along with an annual assessment of the scheme, its operation and recommendations for the future.
  • The report will include applicant Grant Report Forms and feedback from any recipients of grants.

Carr-Bridge Ahead Ltd
June 2021