Carr-Bridge Ahead

Carr-Bridge Ahead Ltd was formed in 2004 with the purpose of support members to develop the wishes of the community.

CBA is both a Company Limited by Guarantee (No 270555) and a Registered Charity (No SCO35965) and is regulated by both Companies House and OSCR (Office of Scotland’s Charity Regulator).

The major priorities were set within the 2001 village development consultation. The plan has been revised since then, most recently in 2016 and the need for this to be updated is recognised.


CBA operates as a membership organisation, which is open to local groups and all permanent residents over the age of 16 living in the PH23 3.. postcode. There is no fee for membership.

Application for membership can be found here:
Individual Membership Application, Group Membership Application.
Printed copies of the membership form can also be obtained from the Carrbridge Artists Studio.

Members can become Directors and Trustees and the Board works closely with the Community Council and other member groups in the village. The principle task of the Board is to oversee the work of the company and to agree the direction and strategy for developments proposed by members.

Directors report annually to members about their work and the allocation of resources at their Annual General Meeting.

The roles and legal responsibilities of a Director or Trustee of a charitable company are laid out in detailed guidance published by OSCR.

The Board of Directors normally meets every 2 months although this was much curtailed by the pandemic restrictions during 2020, however the Board is now meeting regularly online.

Current Directors are

Alice ButtressLara CampbellDoug Jeffrey
Andrew KirkMartyn O’ReillyGavin Gerrard
Issie InglisCharlie MillerRan McWilliam
Stuart MacDonaldRobert McInnes

The Board currently has 4 Sub Committees and 2 Project Groups each of whom have delegated powers-

  • The Organising and Delivery team for Carve Carrbridge® Organising Team for the Scottish Open Chainsaw Carving Competition®,
  • The Golden Spurtle® World Porridge Making Championships Organising Team and
  • The Carrbridge Duck Race delivery team
  • The Children and Young People’s Recovery Fund Panel.
  • Directors also participate on Project Groups such as the Carrbridge Bike Park and Carrbridge Playpark Group. Individual directors lead on other activities such as policies and procedures, strategic development and grants, as well as executive roles such as Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.
  • The company has no employees (other than an honorarium for book-keeping and minute secretary).


In recent years CBA has taken on the role of utilising and distributing the funds generated by village events such as Carve Carrbridge, Golden Spurtle and the Duck Race for the benefit of the village and its residents.  CBA is also now the designated recipient of the annual Community Benefit Fund payment from the Tom Nan Clach Windfarm.

The funds raised from the Events and Community Benefit income from the Tom Nan Clach windfarm are disbursed by the Directors after consideration of  application from groups in the village.

There are 3 ways to access the funds

For grants under £500  – use the Carrbridge Small Grants online application form. Applications rceievd by the end of each month will receive a decision in a few weeks.

For Grants Over £500 – The Application Pack for funding can be downloaded here: Community Benefit Fund Application Form .

The Carrbridge Bursary/Children and Young People’s Recovery Fund was established to support children and young people to access a range of social, cultural and sporting activities that give them opportunities to extend their skills and experiences. Details of the application process can be found on the Children and Young People’s Recovery Fund page.

Contact with Carr-Bridge Ahead can be made through the directors listed below or by email to [email protected].

Updated August 2021