Thursday 24th June 7.30pm 

                                               Meeting will be held online by Zoom

 Registration required for all attendees.

For online security purposes , all attendees are requested to register in advance.

This can be done by contacting [email protected]

You will then be sent a link and password 24 hours prior to the meeting.

Please do not pass this link on to anyone else.

If a name is not listed on the register they won’t be allowed in.

We would respectfully ask that you identify yourself by audio and video .


People present , apologies received  and any declarations of interest

Minutes of Meeting  26th May 2021 – agreement and signing

Treasurers report

Carr-Bridge Ahead Community Company – Carrbridge and vicinity Community Council

Struan – Bill Lobban

NMU – non motorised users ( cyclists and Walkers) route – Carrbridge to Aviemore

Caper project


Refreshing of road markings etc –Denise Stott

20mph – traffic calming – Village wide

  • Carr road   – Bill Lobban

Planning – Denise Stott


Questions from the public present and submitted by those not present.

Date of next meeting