Thursday 29th June, 2017 at 7.00p.m.

Present: Andrew Kirk (Chairman), Bill Lobban (Councillor), Kate Adamson, Charles Miller, Robert McInnes, Alan Rankin, George Dyer and Alice Buttress.

In attendance: Jan Carlyle, Mairi Brown (VABS and local resident), Bobbie McElligott, Janet Porteous, Jacqueline Rice and Heather Davidson (Minutes)

Apologies: Lorraine Anderson

Andrew Kirk opened the meeting and read the Notice of the AGM

Minutes of AGM of 30th June 2016 Approval proposed by George Dyer and seconded by Charles Miller, with general agreement

Chairman’s Annual Report

Andrew Kirk gave the Community Council Report:

The Community Council continue to progress and address projects, issues and concerns.

 In no particular order-

 Playing Field – Mairi Brown ,VABS, is assisting a large group of interested residents and the CC and to upgrade and expand the existing playpark. A lot of fundraising has taken place and various applications for funding have been submitted –some successfully. So far £12,679.00 has been raised. We have been frustrated by the apparent inaction of the ‘owner ‘of the asset ,THC and Highlife Highland who ‘manage ‘ it  due , to the Highlife/Highland Council relationship . However  although we have been  pursuing this actively we have  again been frustrated by various personnel changes within HLH and THC which has slowed progress as we have to repeat everything again to someone new. Although we will be funding the purchase and installation of the equipment we have to do this through THC.

We continue to press Highlife and the Highland Council, to resolve the drainage issue. The Playpark improvement will be a benefit to residents and visitors alike .

Jigsaws- David Ritchie organised and underwrote the financing of the Carrbridge Jigsaw. For the time being the proceeds of the jigsaws are going towards the Community Council Playpark project. Thanks to David for getting this initiative off the ground and thanks to the village businesses particularly Kireen at the Spar for selling so many. Jigsaws are also available from Landmark, Old Bakery and the Artisans shop.

Speeding  – The CC continues to lobby the Police to enforce the speed limit. The residents of the Slochd in particular contacted the CC regarding excessive speed on their stretch and the CC asked for THC to monitor speeds with road strips which they did.

Parking – On street parking continues to be a problem and the CC is trying to reach a consensus on how to resolve this.

Grass Cutting – following a lot of complaints to the CC from residents and from the CC to THC we are pleased to see Grass cutting brought back in house. The poor standard of the cemetery grass cutting caused the most distress. We were also pleased to see the Ellanwood flowerbed once again planted by HC professionals although thanks to Mandy Macdonald and her helpers for seeing to it last year.

Housing Developments – There is currently a pre planning consultation for 25 houses opposite Landmark beside Crannich Park.  12 Council and 13 low cost.

There is currently no application for the Boys Brigade field opposite Carr Place. The CC lobbied hard for this site to be restricted in size protecting the woodland behind and that 72 houses was far too many. However the CNPA have recently published their adopted Carr-Bridge (Site H1) Development Brief which although now restricts any application to the field only – not the 2/3rds behind it as originally planned – allows an application for 72 dwellings.

Many will feel this is too dense and that Carr Road cannot cope with the additional volume of traffic.

We don’t want the village to stagnate but we also don’t want the volume and density of houses proposed by CNPA and very concerned by the inadequacy of Carr road with no apparent solution.

Ellan Bridge – We continue to ‘look ‘after the bridge and are indebted to John Walker who undertakes the annual inspection at no cost. The next major inspection is 2021 .

Capercaillie – we were approached by the CNPA on an initiative to be part of a National Park-wide Capercaillie project.

The first stage would be an 18 month ‘Development Phase’, to hear community opinions. Following the community engagement, the ‘Delivery Phase’ application would be based on the communities’ views and values. The Delivery Phase would be a 3 and a half year project (2019-2022).

This proved to be divisive with some in the community but following a very well attended public meeting organised by CNPA but heavily publicised by the CC the decision was made to give support to a HLF (Heritage Lottery Fund) application for funding.

 Carrbridge Business and Tourist Association – We continue to be very supportive of the CBTA, helping towards the finance of the Tourist Information Point and supporting the replacement of the adjacent informative paths plinth and the village Path Map.

Website – – This web site is owned by the community and up to now managed by the CBTA. Roy Brown, who for many years has administrated it has given good notice he wishes to stand down. Alan Rankin with input from others is investigating how we go forward with this. Grateful thanks to Roy for all his years of unpaid service.

Struan – We are no further forward with this despite regular dialogue with THC and the CNPA. We believe THC and a housing association have been in advanced talks with the owners but because of commercial confidentiality we have no details of progress.

Tom na Clach – The CC are represented on the Community Benefit Fund forum and on the Construction Liaison Forum by Kate Adamson, Robert McInnes and Andrew Kirk.

Bursary – Alan Rankin has spent a lot of effort into setting this up. The first bursary should be awarded this year.

New Hospital Consultation– We are represented on this by Kate Adamson.

Paths – Following the storm damage to the all abilities Riverside path, the CC funded and organised it’s repair.

During the year we successfully lobbied the Estate to repair and reinstate damaged pathways following forestry works.  Alan Rankin in particular has been the lead on this. The Estate replaced an area on the railway path that was not affected by their forestry work for which we were very grateful.

Following the discovery some time ago of low level asbestos in recycled path material regular ‘litter’ picks by specialists, paid for THC, continue.

Alice Buttress in particular continues to monitor the process.

War Memorial- We funded the improvement of the path up to the War Memorial including hand rails with THC organising the contract and supervising the works. Robert McInnes and Andrew Kirk put a lot into achieving this.

We would have liked the path to have been all abilities but the gradient would have meant it would have had to have been very much more expensive with many zigzags and pragmatically we compromised. The memorial itself although in reasonable condition is to be restored by a stone mason organised by THC and financed through a war memorial fund.

Bridge300 – following a lot of community suggestion that the 300th anniversary of the bridge must be marked, the CC along with many others including the school, organised a weekend of celebration in May which was well attended and received. Particular thanks to Mairi Brown as a resident for all the effort she put into this. Businesses all reported a uplift in their business. There is a Bridge300 Art Exhibition planned for 20th to 22nd Oct which the CC and others are supporting.

Old Packhorse Bridge – As stated last year there was a suggestion that THC would have liked to transfer ownership of the Bridge to the CC or to a Trust set up by us. We stated firmly then that such is the historical and architectural importance of the Bridge and with the financial implications of looking after it, we did not wish this and it should remain with THC or perhaps Historic Scotland.  THC regularly monitors the Bridge and we believe they plan to do some remedial work on it in 2018.

We would like to see the grass and shrub area adjacent to Station Road ‘ tidied up’ – we will work with THC and neighbouring households to see if this can be achieved.

A9 Dualling – We continue to liaise with Transport Scotland and Atkins Mouchel regarding the Dualling process. We have helped to publicise the consultation days in the Village Hall and have submitted numerous submissions to consultations particularly on Blackmount junction. We think we are having some success with that topic.  We have also been in dialogue on the subject of commercialism of laybys which would affect village businesses if allowed. We continue to monitor this. Alan Rankin is leading on this.

We are also liaising with them regarding NMUs (cycle tracks to most people) and the desire for a Bus Stop on the A9 parallel with the Station.  We will continue to work closely with them as the works progress.

First Participatory Budgeting Event for Badenoch & Strathspey – we were pleased that Carrbridge was chosen as the first venue and helped THC all we could prior to and on the day. Carrbridge and the Village Hall received many complimentary comments which appreciated. The community was also successful in its two bids, for the village hall extension and playpark improvements.

Carve Carrbridge – We continue to be very supportive of the Carve and again thank them for the surplus funds they contribute to the village.

Golden Spurtle World Porridge Making Championships  -Again we are indebted to Margarete Paschke and her small team for looking after this famous event and the publicity it generates.  Margarete however, is standing down after 3 years and we thank her for all she did. We are pleased to report that Michelle Green is taking over the Spurtle and we wish her well.

Seniors Christmas Dinner – over 100 over 65’s attended  and thanks to all those who helped organise the event. Thanks to Colin and Theresa for their help and for maintaining the price at the same level for the last many years. 

Duck Race – the profit from this go towards financing the senior Christmas lunch. This year the race will be on Sunday 6th August. Thanks to George Dyer particularly for organising this.

Village Hall  – We are very supportive of all the Village Hall committee do and continue to support them financially as necessary. The Village Hall is the communities most importantly owned asset.  We are the major funder of the planned extension.

Treasurer – Fiona McMullen stood down as Treasurer/Account Manager after many years. We are very grateful to her for all she did.  We are also grateful for her professional hand over to Alan Rankin our new Treasurer. Alan has put a lot into this task in the last year which has been very worthwhile.

Community Council Elections- These were held in November 2015. We tried hard to get nominations and along with THC publicised the CC election widely. However there were only 7 nominations and we were duly elected. As we are allowed 8, following  much discussion , we co-opted Charlie Miller and thank him for his commitment.

Thanks of course to all the other community councillors, George Dyer , Kate Adamson , Robert McInnes , David Ritchie , and Alice Buttress for all their hard work and input. Thanks to Heather Davidson for taking the minutes so studiously and to Bill Lobban our Highland Councillor for all his support and helpful advice during and between our meetings.

Treasurers Report 2016- 2017

Alan Rankin gave the Report

Opening bank balance






Surplus to Income and Expenditure


Bank Balance at 31st March


Represented by

• Total cheques un-cashed


• Total invoices not paid


Representing a final accrual based balance


Carrbridge and Vicinity Community Council commitments

• Village Hall Refurbishment £20,000

• Bridge 300 Celebrations £5,000



Highland Council Grant


Reidhaven Estate


Carr-bridge Ahead for Community Projects



Other Income

Carve Repayment


Transfer error repayment


Carr-bridge Bowling Club -insurance


Spey Valley FC playing field


£ 572.57

Total Income




Meeting Expenses


Minute Sec & Retirement Present





Community Events & Projects



Bowling Club Support


Safety Barriers


Riverside path


War Memorial path


Ellan Bridge Sign


Village Hall wi fi


Visitor Leaflet


Tourist leaflet


Bench Repair


Community Christmas Parties


Bridge 300


GGS contribution to Spurtle



Total Expenditure


Acceptance of Accounts proposed by George Dyer, seconded by Alice Buttress,

With general acceptance

Ann Trail from VABs has kindly checked

and approved the accounts in the

format that is required for submission

to Highland Council

(Copy of this format attached)





£224.00 £ 1,153.32

£ 80.00





£ 80.00

£ 250.00

£ 250.00


£ 43.18

£ 150.00



£ 14.50

£ 200,00 £12,505.49





  Office Bearers were re-elected:

Chairman: Andrew Kirk Proposed by Alan Rankin Seconded by Robert McInnes

Vice Chairman: George Dyer Proposed by Andrew Kirk Seconded by Alice Buttress

Treasurer: Alan Rankin Proposed by George Dyer Seconded by Kate Adamson

Secretary: Kate Adamson Proposed by Charles Miller Seconded by George Dyer

Minutes: Heather Davidson Unanimously appointed and honorarium agreed

Meeting ended 7.26 pm