Thursday 27th January 2022


PRESENT:   H Deery (HD)[Chairperson], A Kirk (AK), A Buttress (AB), D Stott (DS), Councilor Bill Lobban, A McNeilage (AM), J Bracher (JB), G Dyer (GD)

IN ATTENDANCE:  G Gerrard, J Rice, D Stewart, F Angelle, F Law, M O’Reilly, M Grant, R Badger




The minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 25th November 2021 were agreed as accurate by DS and AB.

CNPACairngorm National Park Authority
CvCCCarrbridge and Vicinity Community Council
NMUNon-Motorized Users
CBACarrbridge Ahead
THCThe Highland Council
VABSVoluntary Action Badenoch and Strathspey



The decision on any declarations lies with the individual Community Councilors.

  • AB declares interest as member of Capercaillie Group, Bowling Club and Carrbridge Ahead.
  • JB declared interest in campaign for 20mph limits.



  • CM reported funds as of 27th January 2022 are total of £3511.05. Payments out were printers £196, Village Hall £48, Alan Boxx Engravers £90. A cheque in from Seafield Estate £600.


Planning and Windfarm updates

Councillor Bill Lobban took no part in any planning discussion.

Windfarms updates

DS attended a Fred Olsen Lethan Windfarm meeting on behalf of CvCC, reviewing the windfarms Section 36 Application to the Energy Unit at Scottish Government.

Objections raised at that meeting included:

– Concern for the visual impact on the heritage site at Lochindorb.

– Concern that the windfarm will be sited on an area once considered an area of outstanding beauty, and now considered a special landscape.

Fred Olsen plan to continue in their application at this site.


The deadline for CvCC’s comment is 19th February 2022.

Opinions raised for consideration, in the CvCC response, by Community Councilors and members of the public present:

– Concern for the landscape, and given the siting in a special area of the Dava moor.

– Concern approval would be a ‘tipping point’ for further windfarm development on the Dava moor.

– The development, although proposed for a 30-year operation, could result in a permanent loss of the landscape, and thereby value to visitors.

– Concern for the siting in that land-based wind farming does not have benefit over sea based wind farming.


Carrbridge village paths

The Capercaillie Group has concluded that they do not feel that there was a sufficient mandate for them to progress its path proposals.


The CvCC recognized that many local paths are currently in poor state of repair.


AK relayed that Murray Ferguson had communicated on 27th Jan 2022 and prior to the meeting that [CNPA]

“- We’ve noted all the work done by Carrbridge capercaillie group on the path improvement proposals, including the feedback received from the consultation and their recent decision not to proceed to implementation.

We are preparing a Plan to improve the infrastructure of the Park over
the next few months;

– At this stage I can make no  firm commitment about when or even if we
would be able help the community deliver these  path proposals;

– If the CC still think there is merit in pursuing these path
improvements on behalf of  the community, please let me know and we will
try and include them in the Infrastructure Plan.”


The attendees

– Were in support of the opinion that local paths needed repair.

– Shared the safety and access benefits afforded by the previous path improvements

– Recognized access to funding is a barrier to repairing the paths.


The Capercaillie Group consultation had had a low uptake in responses with around 30% responders voicing a negative opinion.

Future efforts will likely need to demonstrate greater community backing and alignment of opinion to access funding streams. Greater community participation in feedback may be required to overcome this challenge.


The CvCC voted unanimously to make a response to Murray Ferguson exploring options to progress the proposal.


From those in attendance the majority would volunteer support to helping future actions in a sub-group.


Vermin issue

There is a vermin (rat) issue being experienced between Orchid Place and Ellanwood Road. It is speculated that development in Orchid Place has displaced the rats.

HD was advised by health control officer that bird feeding is a major contribution (food source) in exacerbating the issue.

The environmental health officer has offered to conduct an external survey in the area.

It was noted that, pest control is provided free of charge to Council tenants but is the responsibility of private homes.


Struan House Hotel Plans

Councilor Bill Lobban informed that the owners of the Struan House Hotel have entered liquidation. Liquidators are working with THC to settle the THC acquisition of the property. It is expected that this should expedite the acquisition by THC.


Resilience plan

VABS is in process of producing a template that will be used for disaster recovery planning (i.e. Recovery from flood, power outage, or another event).

HD will contact Nethybridge community council to learn from their experience in disaster recovery planning.

Update on £15 Seniors Christmas ‘Village Voucher’

AK shared that

– Around 40% of recipients had shared their thanks for the Christmas card and voucher.

– Of 177 issued vouchers, 131 were identified as being redeemed to date. 2 of the retailers have yet to be accounted in the reconciliation and remaining vouchers will be collected from outlets early Feb.



Community Council Progression, co-opting and membership

In response to the challenge of engaging new CvCC members, HD proposes identifying Associate members.

Associate members would be voted in on a temporary basis for specific areas. This would allow members to join the CvCC with a role focused on their areas of special interest.

JB recognizes this has synergy with Carrbridge Action Plan in wanting to motivate individuals to get involved where they have an interest.

JB also recognizes another opportunity for involvement to ‘get things done’ at a volunteer level.

JB will input to defining the Associate Member role.