The village is finalising efforts to set up volunteer support. There will be posters up soon in the Spar, Garage and Notice Boards.

It will also be on Facebook Carrbridge News and the Carrbridge website.

This notice will give phone numbers of who to contact to offer yourself as a volunteer. You should feel NO pressure to put your name forward.

However if you can volunteer, here are some of the things the community will need help with for you to think about:

  • Food and Grocery shopping
  • Collecting prescriptions / medicines
  • Having a friendly chat over the phone or through Internet (Skype, Facetime)
  • Dog walking for those who are unwell

Have a think about what you can do and look out for the call for help soon.

PLEASE do not submit your name or phone number to us online – we NEED you to speak to us by phone as there are a number of questions you will be asked.

Thank you for your patience.

Carrbridge Response Team