Thursday 25th February 2021

 PRESENT:   A Kirk (AK), A Buttress (AB), G Dyer (GD), C Miller (CM), D Stott (DS), J Bracher (JB), Councillor Bill Lobban, A McNeilage (AM)

IN ATTENDANCE:  K Leiper (FORL), J Aitken (FORL), D MacDonald (CNPA), F Law, M Paschke, G Gerrard, M Moe, L Jolly, I Inglis, M O’Reilly, D Jeffrey, R Badger, L Henderson (CNPA), Anne and Douglas Baird

APOLOGIES:  R McInnes (RM), H Deery (HD)


The minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 28th January 2021 were agreed as accurate by DS/AB.


AK presented ‘ground rules’ for Carrbridge and vicinity Community Council Meeting

  • The meeting is open to public, but not public meeting.
  • CvCC are committed to doing our best and to work within the general rules set out by the HCCCS and code of conduct.
  • During ‘Matters Arising’ discussion should be limited to the invited Community Councillors, Councillor Bill Lobban and the Presenter(s).
  • At the end questions from all attending will be invited for a limited time only.
  • When invited to speak,
    • ‘fair comment’ from the public is to be expected.
    • comment should be honest and respectful.
CNPACairngorm National Park Authority
CvCCCarrbridge and Vicinity Community Council
FORLFred Olsen Renewables
HCCCSHighland Council Community Councils Scheme
NMUNon-Motorized Users



The decision on any declarations lies with the individual Community Councillors.

  • AB declares membership of Porridge and NMU group.


  • CM reported funds are £3848.88 with £1011.55 having been spent on items including Children’s Christmas party £300 and the balance wheelie bins speed stickers and publicity printing for letter box drop.

·         Julie Aitken (JA) Snr. Project Manager and Kirsty Leiper (KL) of Fred Olsen Renewables (FORL) presented the proposed Lethen Windfarm development.

o        Project is an early (scoping) phase that is evaluating placement of 20 turbines at the Lethen site.

o        Estimated, that the ECU (planning) application will be determined in Mid-2022. Key milestones:

§         Deadline for scoping responses is in March 2021.

§         First round public exhibitions in Apr 2021.

§         Prior to application FORL will hold a second public exhibition.

§         Target submission of application in August 2021.

o        FORL are proactively engaging the public

o        FORL will encourage local companies to bid for any relevant contracts.

o        Communities in a 10k radius should be eligible for benefit funding resultant from commercialization of Lethen windfarm.

·         AK confirmed FORL will maintain communication with CvCC.

Julie Aitken

·        Councillor Bill Lobban nothing further to report and assures that it remains the HC’s intent to move forward with the purchase.


NON-MOTORISED USERS (NMU) cyclists and walkers’ route off-road  

·        Status awaiting a response from Transport Scotland.


·        GD raised a timeline concern & suggests moving forward independently.

o        Councillor Bill Lobban highlighted the risk that an independent scheme would dis-incentivise the other party to complete their effort.

In later discussion:

·        GG suggests separating NMU timeline from A9 dualling. As this would realize the benefits of NMU at an earlier date.

o       Councillor Bill Lobban suggests joint lobbying from HC, CNPA and CvCC could be a strengthened approach.

TRAVELLING PEOPLE at the Old Wood yard:

·        Travelling People have vacated the site and CvCC pleased with the communication with Gordon Timber to resolve.

·        Gordons have indicated they will secure the site more robustly.


·        AK recognized that a local family had been pro-active in removing graffiti.

·        Due to petty vandalism remedial action is required at the Toilets.

·        AK met with PC Gary Dunlop who verifies the police are aware, investigating, and engaging with youngsters at Grantown Grammar School.


GRIT BIN REQUEST (inc. Ellanwood Road)

·        Councillor Bill Lobban updated on the Ellanwood road grit bin request for a bin in the square at bottom of Ellanwood Road.

o       HC believe there is already a bin in the street owned by Housing Dept.

·        Councillor Bill Lobban – The further request for additional grit bins is measured against HC criteria and none have been approved.

New arising actions: AK will confirm to Councillor Bill Lobban if a Grit bin already exist in Ellanwood Road.


·         GG updated on:

o        His discussion with Mairi explored the creation of a survey to gauge interest and views. Next steps are to evaluate roll out of survey.

o        Carrbridge Growers Facebook group was set up (MP).

o        Carrbridge Climate Change Facebook Group set up by (RB).


·        DS questioned how to contact HC persons in HC Climate Change group.

o        GG has been in contact with Trish Robertson and Keith Mason at the HC Climate Change working Group.

New arising actions: GG will communicate with Climate Change working Group and update on contact details.

SPEEDING & ROAD SIGNS  3,2,1 30 mph signs and refreshing of road markings.

·        Nothing new to report as HC roads dept. yet to fulfil the request.Discussion

·        DS raised concern regarding the lack of action and communication from the roads dept. noting the request has been open for several years.

o        Councillor Bill Lobban says prog will most likely start in spring post gritting season.

o        Councillor Bill Lobban reminds the group he has no direct control of these matters, but he exerts influence.



Denise Stott


·        James Bracher updated

·        An article was published on front page of Strathspey Herald.

·        Next steps

o       HC roads department in process of designing layout.

o       Roads engineer will produce plan to be agreed.

·        Councillor Bill Lobban spend must be finished by end of financial year.

·        JB stated HITRANS advise money must be spent by end of May.


·        Councillor Bill Lobban advises campaign stays active over next 18mo.

o        JB shared Facebook and Twitter pages to go live in coming days.

o        Letter to residents will circulate.

o        Exploring ways to gather supporting evidence.


James Bracher
EVENTS: Porridge

·        CM identifies there is interest to run the competition in 2021.

o        International interest has been expressed.

o        Interests in sponsorship have been expressed.

·        Next step

o        Assemble committee and define framework of options.

·         CM requested permission from the Carrbridge Council to form a committee.

o        AK, DS, GD, JB, AB – voted in support (no objections)


Charlie Miller
POSITIONS (Minute Secretary)

·        Position of Minute Secretary was accepted by Alan McNeilage.


Andrew Kirk

·        Councillor Bill Lobban took no part in this section.

DS updated on:

·        West end area application 20/04751/PIP

o        No update

·        SPEEDING & ROAD SIGNS (30 mph signs reposition at Orchid Place)

o        The old national speed limit sign has been covered up with help from Doug Edwards.

o        30 MPH sign remains in the wrong location at Orchid Place and seeking amendment to change the position.

·        DRAINAGE at Crannich/Orchid

o        No update on drainage

o        DS noted the drainage may take time to bed in and developers are aware.

·        Carr Road development

o        Awaiting update on how preconditions have/will be met.

Denise Stott



·         Christmas tree in triangle removed by Andrew McInnes.

CM – Concern at referring to people anonymously for example in this meeting not naming who wants grit bins in Ellanwood.

·         AK said Mr and Mrs Wilson

Robert McInnes –– Submitted a note asking what was happening with the fence by the garage on Riverside path.

·         CM replied that the Caper project is looking at the path network and the riverside path with both entry point is high on its list of priorities


No questions were submitted prior to the meeting.

LJ raised concern over Declarations of Interest.

·         AK stated that the meeting is following the advice of HC.

·         AK made the offer of a mediated meeting with LJ.

LJ identified the lifecycle of the over 16-mile plastic fencing around village could be considered with respect to Climate Change.

MP – Is there procedure to get issues directly to HC decision makers?

·         Councillor Bill Lobban states he is a conduit to get information to HC officers.

GG – Can we learn from other Traffic Calming/20mph schemes? Especially with regard how to measure the impact AND what data should be gathered through trial.

·         Councillor Bill Lobban suggests asking the Roads Engineer when reviewing the plan.

RB – Expressed thanks to Carrbridge Community Council for their on-going dedication.




Thurs 25 March 2021 and 1930hrs