PRESENT: A Kirk (Chair), A Buttress, C Miller, G Dyer (Minutes), H Deery,  J Bracher (part), Cllr W Lobban

IN ATTENDANCE: L Anderson, T Burley, F Law, M Moe, M Paschke, G Gerrard, M Brown, M O’Reilly, L Jolly, C Robertson (CNPA), D McDonald (CNPA)

APOLOGIES: D Stott, R McInnes

AK opened meeting by welcoming all and expressing the hope that all could work together, supporting the Community Council in its efforts to benefit the village in these difficult times.

Minutes of Zoom meeting 28th October – agreed (AB/CM)”

MATTERS ARISING:                                                                                                                                    STRUAN: WL reported that on 4th November THC committee had unanimously agreed to progress Compulsory Purchase of property.  At request of MP he undertook to investigate the timescale of any contesting of CPO and would report back at next meeting. NMU (Non Motorised Users – Cyclist/Walkers  route separated from Cars/Lorries)  CARRBRIDGE to AVIEMORE: Submissions in response to webinar on proposals to be submitted by 18th December – GD and JB to coordinate response. It was agreed that a unilateral option to progress Carrbridge to Kinveachy alone was a non- starter due to cost and it could deflect from the main project. LJ  wanted a separate initiative to take on the Carrbridge/Kinveachy section .WL and AB commented that a separate venture could jeopardise the progress we have made with the planned NMU . AK encouraged all to respond to the options proposals, emphasising that he believed the prime objective remained a direct route to Aviemore.

ELLAN BRIDGE: 6 yearly inspection resulted in requirement for clearing work around bridge structure and support tensioning work.  Vegetation has been cleared and work started on bridge supports.  £1K grant received from CNPA towards project, £200 paid by CC, the remainder to be covered by Carrbridge Ahead.                                                            

REMEMBRANCE CEREMONIES: AK thanked RMcI for his carrying out wreath laying duties on behalf of the village.  He also thanked THC staff for their tidying up of the cemetery pathways and their remedial work on main entrance drive.                                    

ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR:   Divisional Police Inspector had been contacted and there had been an increased police presence in village.  After the most recent incident at Struan, the building had been secured again and police were monitoring.                                      

CLIMATE CHANGE: Cllr WL agreed to get update on latest situation in respect of THC plans and will forward appropriate contact details (Trish Robertson) to GG.                    

SPEEDING, 30MPH COUNTDOWN & MARKINGS:  THC advise problems applying appropriate surfacing in winter.                                                                                                 

20MPH TRAFFIC CALMING: JB advised that HITRANS had £25K available to trial a 20MPH speed limit through village.  THC could also have some additional funding.  The proposal would be to reduce speeds for a period, after which there would be a full consultation before any decision was taken about a permanent introduction. Cllr Lobban advised that the decision on whether to go ahead with the trial rested with the 4 Badenoch & Strathspey councillors, who should be advised of any obvious errors or omissions in the plan.   Traffic calming measures would be required and THC Roads Dept were working on proposed siting of such measures.  Concerns were expressed about potential congestion due proposed chicanes near Landmark entrance and at bottom of Station Road. The proposal might only be applied on the Main Street and offshoots, as there was a potential problem if applied to “A class” roads (ie) Inverness Rd and Grantown Rd.   It was extremely important to raise everyone’s awareness of the benefits of 20MPH limits and a campaign would be commenced.  It was emphasised that the trial would be temporary and last 18 months.                                                                                                            

      CARR PLANTATION:  AK reported that work had commenced

on timber thinning operations in Carr Plantation.                                                     

     MINUTE SECY POSITION: No willing candidate has come forward.  LJ suggested the meetings be recorded and freely available quickly.  WB advised he had no knowledge of any CC who did so and it was pointed out that it would be a breach of GDPR.  HD proposed sticking to traditional method and this was agreed.

    PLANNING: GD reported that we had supported the mast on B9017, but had suggested siting on the east of the road with appropriate natural screening.  It was noted that the 30MPH signs still had not been moved south at the Orchid Place development.  The open nature of drainage features associated with this development was causing concern to residents in Crannich Park and meetings were being sought with CNPA and Tullochs.

   FINANCIAL REPORT:  CM reported current balance of £5225, with £1K received from CNPA for Ellan Bridge and £1160 paid out. He also reported that temporary 20mph signs had been commissioned for erection due to failure of permanent school warnings.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS:                                                                                                                      SIGNPOST: AK thanked D Edwards for repair of sign to Calderwood Walk.             

CNPA LOCAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN:  It was noted that this had now been adopted.        

LOCAL GOVERNMENT BOUNDARY PLAN: This is out for consultation, but there are no changes proposed for Badenoch & Strathspey.  Cllr WL recommended that we support the local proposal, but oppose the reduction in representation in more remote communities.

CNPA: AK will report on meeting of Community Council Chairmen which he will attend on 10th December.                                                                                                               

THC COVID HELPLINE: No changes proposed to current system.                                         

JAN INNES CHRISTMAS HAMPER:  CM announced winner of draw this year as Charlotte McArthur.

CAMPERVAN FACILITIES: AK reported that several people had suggested we ask for donations for overnight use of village car park, which could be used to improve facilities.  AK and WL pointed out that the car park is owned by THC .  AK also said CC are opposed to parking charges.                                                                                                                     

ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH NOTIFICATION: We have been advised that no outdoor event can take place unless HC EH have been advised and approved.                                              

TOURISM INFRASTRUCTURE PLAN: WL advised that this document requires updating and councillors were requested to consider what local facilities should be improved.                                                                                                                                      

FALLEN TREE IN WOODS: AK has advised woodland owner of obstruction and requested clearance.                                                                                                                                   

VILLAGE HALL DRY ROT: AK reported that extensive dry rot had been discovered in the Village Hall and that remedial action had been initiated.  There was also the possibility that the roof required work and the electrics would need replacement, due licencing regulations.  It was agreed that VH was an important village asset which should be supported, but that the sums involved were beyond CC.  Any financial support would require to come from Carrbridge Ahead who would be advised that the CC supported the request. More detailed costings would be required.                                                                     

CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS: AK thanked Reidhaven Estate for our Christmas tree, Colin Watt and staff for erecting it and THC for our Christmas lights and tree lighting.

AK invited those present for their contributions.

JB reported on scheme to provide plants to elderly in village in lieu of Pensioners’ Lunch.  HD offered to assist in organisation and acquiring supplies.

MOR felt a revised strategy was required for the village, to cover the aspirations of the very young, the youths and the elderly. He sought a group discussion prior to raising with Carrbridge Ahead.

LA sought free wifi in village, but it was felt that the G4 coverage was adequate. She also requested that anti-speeding measures should include the Inverness Road.

LJ accused 4 community councillors of not declaring an interest in discussions on the Capercaillie Project. Each in turn defended their positions. LJ declared she was not opposed to capercaillie conservation as a principle, but objected to the local scheme on the grounds of its handling and implications.  MM complained about misinterpretation of his objections to the project.  CR reiterated her previous offers to engage with anyone who wished to discuss the scheme and, having repeated the offer, hoped that it would be taken up this time.

LA voiced concerns by Slochd residents about snow clearance plans for this winter.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: There will be a Zoom meeting at 1930hrs on Thursday 28th January 2021.

AK closed meeting at 2048hrs, thanking all for attending.