Thursday 25th February 2021 at 7.30pm

Meeting will be held online by Zoom

 Registration required for all attendees.

For online security purposes , all attendees are requested to register in advance.

This can be done by contacting Charlie Miller by email at [email protected]

You will then be sent a link and password 24 hours prior to the meeting.

Please do not pass this link on to anyone else.

If a name is not listed on the register they won’t be allowed in.

We would respectfully ask that you identify yourself by audio and video .

If you want help with Zoom Charlie is very happy to talk you through it so do contact him.

The ability to raise questions at Community Council meetings during the Pandemic is difficult, as the presumption is that people should attend the public meeting.

However recognising that virtual meetings like Zoom are daunting and technologically difficult for some having taken advice we will introduce something new.

For those that cannot or do not wish to attend the zoom meeting  questions can be submitted in writing to the CC secretary – [email protected]  preferably a minimum of 24 hours before the Zoom meeting . A maximum of 2 questions would be helpful.


People present , apologies received  and any declarations of interest

Minutes of Meeting  28th January 2021 – agreement and signing

Treasurers report –Charlie Miller

Lethen Wind Farm – Julie Aitken


NMU – non motorised users ( cyclists and Walkers) route separated from cars and lorries- Carrbridge to Aviemore

Travelling people- Old Wood yard

Anti social behaviour

Grit Bin request – Ellanwood Road

Climate Change

Speeding- 3,2,1- 30 mph signs and refreshing of road markings –Denise Stott

20mph – traffic calming – James Bracher

Porridge –Charlie Miller

Minute Secretary position

Planning – Denise Stott

– West end application 20/04751/PIP  –

Orchid Place 30 mph signs reposition

Crannich/Orchid  drainage concerns


Questions from the public present and submitted by those not present.

Date of next meeting